How to login Cotx Hotspot Web Management?

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Suggestion: the default password must be changed, Log in to the WEB Management as soon as possible and change the password .
  • Enter the IP address in the browser (there will be an IP address on the display screen) to enter the login interface
  • Enter the user name and password, visit COTX Hotspot Web Management.




Reset password

Factory version < V1.0.30

Use name: admin

Password: 123456

Password: admin

Factory version ≥ V1.0.30

Use name: admin

Password: admin

Password: admin

version V1.1.15

Use name: admin

Password: Last 6 characters of ID

Password: Last 6 characters of ID

  • Default password :The login password might be incorrect because of the version difference. Please try to input 123456 or admin as password. When the software is upgraded to the version V1.1.15  , you need to input last 6 characters of device ID as password. 
  • Reset login password : If you forget the password, you can press and hold the Bluetooth button for 20s to restore the default login password.
  • Modify the login password: Log in to the WEB Management as soon as possible and change the password . The software OTA upgrade will not change the password you set.

Changes in  version V1.1.15:

  •  In order to enhance the security of the WEB Management Dashboard, the default login password will be changed,  version V1.1.15 be released in the near future.  
  •  After the version V1.1.15 is released, you need to log in to the WEB Management Dashboard by using the last 6 characters of the device ID, it will be required to change the default login password after logging in. 

The Impact:

  • In the future, the default login password of each device will be independent, which will greatly improve security. 
  • After logging in for the first time, you have to modify the default login password. 


Log in to the WEB Management as soon as possible and change the password to avoid being unable to log in. It could be difficult to obtain ID after upgrading to version  V1.1.15 in the near future.
  • If you do not change the password before the version V1.1.15 is released, You need to get the device ID through the screen ,  screen will alternately display IP / ID (10s alternating). 



About Security:

      COTX is committed to providing safe, stable and easy-to-use products, and will provide long-term OTA update services. The COTX Hotspot system and software design is based on the "Secure Coding Practices Quick Reference Guide" published by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). We follow the security program that guarantees the fundamental security of WEB applications at the system framework and source code level. 

More details:

Visit the website learn more information and download the manual.

COTX X3 Web Management User Guide : COTX Networks Technologies Co. Ltd.

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