How to accelerate sync?

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What is Sync?

Helium Network functions on block chain. Sync means to acquire block chain and synchronize network. 

Browse Helium website for more details.

How to accelerate sync? How long does the initial SYNC take?
  •  Automatic Fast Sync is supported by COTX X3, and the block height will be periodically checked and automatically downloaded on the hotspot. It is recommended to use Internet cable to ensure network speed.
  •  Manual Fast Sync  is supported by COTX X3, use COTX Web Management →  Dashboard → Blockchain Height →Fast Sync
  1. Fully Synced Status: when the current local block of the Hotspot has reached or exceeded the height of the latest snapshot block, it will be indicated as the "Fully Synced" state, which means that fast sync is not required.  
  2. "Fast Sync" Function Button: If the current block height of the Hotspot is lower than the latest snapshot, the "Fully Synced" button will switch to the "Fast Sync" status, and the block will be Synced fast after clicking it.  
  3. “Loading”Status:If the current block height or the block height of the latest snapshot is not obtained, the status will be displayed as "Loading". When you see Loading status, please make sure that network is connected, refresh the page and try again.     
  4. During the "Fast Sync" process, the latest snapshot file will be downloaded and added to the Hotspot. However, if the download task times out, the download stops. Please refresh and try again. It is recommended to use Internet cable to ensure network speed. 
  5. During the Sync process, the interface will display the Sync log: 
  6. Please wait for about 30 minutes (The wait time is depending on your network speed). Keep the device plugged and connected. 
  7. When the Sync is completed, the current local block height and total height will be refreshed, and the block Sync status will be displayed as "Fully synced".


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