Where should COTX X3 be installed?

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Basic knowledge:

    Mount the Hotspot high up and face an open space. If you are located in a house or apartment building with multiple floors, bring it to highest floor with a window. Ideally, your Hotspot has a clear view of the sky. 

    Avoid putting the Hotspot in locations where signal strength is significantly weakened: including but not limited to in the basements, cabinets, behind TVs, metal meshes, or ‘cyberglass’ in skyscrapers and etc.

    Do not deploy Hotspots too close to one another. Recommend a minimum distance of 300 to 500 meters between Hotspot though this could vary depending on the environment (closer in a crowded city, further distance in the rural area).

Advanced knowledge:

  • Check surrounding deployment’s density and plan the installation area. 
  • Choose the highest spot within the installation area. 
  • Select an appropriate Outdoor antenna, according to the terrain and the density of surrounding Hotspots
  •  Set the antennas outdoor that is higher than surrounding buildings. 
  • Run Discovery function on Helium APP to test the antenna performance.

1、Utilize the Location tool to check the density of the Hotspots around you. https://app.hotspotty.net/hexes

Plan the best deployment area for the Hotspot  by following the information on the website. 

    Read more information about Hex Density Based Transmit Reward Scaling on the website.


2、If you have multiple sites to choose from in your area, it is recommended to choose the highest place to avoid buildings, mountains, trees, metal meshes etc. blocking the wireless signal.

3、Select the appropriate antenna, according to the terrain and the density of surrounding Hotspot .

    The coverage distance and vertical angle of antennas with different gains vary. You may choose the appropriate antenna according to the terrain of your area and the density of surrounding Hotspot , instead of simply choosing an antenna with the highest gain.






Vertical Angle

Applicable Area

High Gain Antenna



Flat terrain, low density area

Low Gain Antenna



Rugged terrain, high-density area

Medium Gain



Other landscape

4、Install the antenna outdoor higher than surrounding buildings.

    In order to prevent the surrounding buildings, mountains, trees blocking the RF signal, the antenna needs to be higher than the surrounding buildings.

    A higher antenna position is more important than antenna gain quality. It is recommended that the antenna is installed more 5 meters and more above the surrounding buildings.

    At the same time, choose the shortest length and thickest diameter wire cable to avoid cable loss. (Check out X3 outdoor enhancement kit, that installs outdoor conveniently). 


5、Check the effectiveness of the antenna installation?  

     Check the number of LORA packets that can be received per day via WEB wireless analysis. The more the better. 

6、Run Discovery function on Helium APP to test the antenna performance.

     Through the Discovery function, you can test the RF communication effect between your Hotspot and the surrounding Hotspots and carry out the comparative test on position, height, antenna, feeder and other elements.


Read more information about Discovery function on the website. 


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