Hotspot usage and configuration process?

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  • First, New Hotspots have to come online and use wired networks.

  • Wait 30 minutes for automatic OTA upgrade. Then try to register Hotspot.

  • Write the 12 words seed phrase down and keep them safe. Once lost, there is no way to retrieve it. 


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  1. How do I download Helium APP?

    Apple users can download Helium APP on iTunes App Store.

    (Apple users in mainland China can’t download it on APP Store)

    Google users can download it on Google Play Stoe.

    If you don’t use Google Play, you can download the APK from the official app center construction. The link is as follows: 

  2. How do I download COTX APP?

    COTX APP It is a dedicated App launched by COTX for managing COTX Hotspot devices.

    Introduction video:

    Apple users can Search and download COTX APP on iTunes App Store. 

    The link is as follows:

    Google users can Search and download it on Google Play Store.

    The link is as follows:

  3. Write  Twelve Words Seed Phrase and keep them safe, do it now if you you are not sure

   When setting up a Helium wallet through the app, you are prompted to write down the 12 words seed phrase. These are the mnemonic phrase generated from the private key of your wallet, and the only way to access the wallet.


      The 12 words can never be recovered if they are lost, and they are the sole key to accessing your wallet, the HNT it contains, and all access to your Hotspot and it’s rewards. Lose the 12 words, lose it all. You’re not able to log into your account without them, nor can you transfer HNT or a Hotspot to a different account without them.


Remember two things.

Write them down and keep them safe, do it now if you you are not sure.

Imagine they are cash, never give them to anyone you would not trust with the HNT value and Hotspot value. 

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