All Models X3 LoRa interface is RP-SMA hotspot end.  

 (NOTE:EU868 Hotspot shipped before September 2021 may integrate SMA hotspot end.

                                                                                           X3 hotspot



       When you purchase antenna, cable and filter, you need to check and pay attention to SMA connector. RP-SMA-K to RP-SMA-J  and SMA-K to SMA-J  is ok, any other combination is wrong.


    Install the LoRa antenna on the LoRa Antenna port.Do not connect to other interfaces (such as RF)


    You can purchase antenna, feeder, filter and other accessories through Cotx shop.

     COTX SAW Band Pass Filter — COTX Networks Store ( 


    If the connector does not match for some reason, you can purchase a third-party conversion plug to solve the compatibility problem.