How to check the Hotspot working status?

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1.Power supply :Read off the LED indicator 

    The green LED light will stop blinking and stays on after the device is powered up for about one minute, which also means the system is completely booted-up.

    If the green LED light is not on, it could be possible that there is a power supply abnormality. Inspect the adaptor and the USB cable.  

  •  After version 1.1.25, the screen goes off automatically for 5 minutes. It can be lit up after clicking on BT BUTTON and lasts for 5 minutes at a time.

2.Check Network :Check the LED screen. Short press the BT button to turn the screen on if it’s off.

       Recommended use of network cable.

       When the Hotspot is on, it automatically checks the status of Helium Network. When the Helium Network is normally functioning on the Hotspot, the device will exit the start-up procedure. 


This icon means that the Helium Network has not started and the Internet is not connected.

This icon means that the Helium Network has not started but the Internet Is connected.


        Helium Network initialization: when the Hotspot is powered up and connected to the network for the first time, it needs to connect to a wired network and to initialize Helium Network service.

After the self-check process is completed, the Hotspot screen will show the working status (as below). 

Check the Internet icon to make sure it’s on and the device is connected to the Internet. 


3.Blockchain  Sync : Check the blockchain height of the device through “Web Management”.  


   You can use the FAST SYNC function when there is a large difference of blockchain height between the device and the Helium Network. Slow or unstable Internet might cause FAST SYNC failure, so you are recommended to use an Internet cable for connection.  

4. Device register : Inspect the device register status through

Input the Miner name to acquire the device information. If the maker information shows “COTX Networks”, it means the device has been registered successfully.

5.Check Transmit Scale:  through 

Transmit Scale will affect the earnings.

If it is below 0.2, it is recommended to choose another installation site.

Utilize the Location tool to check the density of the Hotspots around you.   Plan the best deployment area for the Hotspot  by following the information on the website.

6. Check Relayed :network relayed status through or


  1. Make sure the Observed Listen IPv4 Address matches with API Reported Listen Address.
  2. Helium API address could delay from tens of minutes to a couple of days. Keep the device plugged in and connected to the Internet and wait for the API address update. 
  3. The public IP used by the hotspot must be fixed. If the public IP used by the device changes, it will generate a lot of network errors and affect the revenue. 
  4. Use the network cable and forget about the WIFI function.              

7.Check the effectiveness of the antenna installation? 

Selecting the right outdoor antenna. Install to a height higher than the surrounding buildings.

Check the number of LORA packets that can be received per day via WEB wireless analysis. The more the better.


8.Analysis and solution of Ambient  noise problems? 

Ambient noise is one of the most important causes of LORA data reception. Installing filters can effectively improve the effect of ambient noise on LoRa data reception. 

        Refer to: How to solve the Ambient noise problem? : COTX Networks Technologies Co., Ltd. 

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