RF Wireless Analysis page in COTX Hotspot Web Management tool

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    Once you open Hotspot Web management tool, Tools > Wireless 

You can check:  RSSI info   SNR info   Overall signal quality info

The most critical figure is the total number of LOAR messages received per day, the more the better. This is the most important metric for comparing antennas, location, and ambient noise.


    “Received Signal Strength Indicator” is a measure of the power present in a received radio signal. This number is computed by the hotspot when it hears the signal from a mapper. The higher the signal (less negative), the ‘stronger’ it is considered.


    “Signal to Noise” measures the ratio of received power to background power in the received signal. Like the RSSI, it is also computed by the hotspot when it hears signal from the mapper. A higher ratio represents a clear signal whereas a negative number in this field represents a noisy signal.

RSSI statistics :

  • Counting RSSI values of received packets
  • The different RSSI values are displayed by different Colour .  The classification is as follows.

Environmental signal quality statistics :

  • Classification rules:

RSSI ≥ -100, SNR> 0 :common

RSSI ≥ -100, SNR < 0 :bad 

RSSI < -100, noise(signal-SNR) > -100 :common

RSSI < -100 ,noise(signal - SNR) < -100 : good

This classification is only for better differentiation and is for information purposes only. In addition, ambient noise is dynamic.

Note that although the same colours are used, Environmental signal quality statistics and RSSI statistics are not classified in the same way.

Detailed display of RSSI

  Record all Helium Lora messages received by the RF module over a 7-day period.

   Click  button:  Excel export support

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