Hotspot Cloud Service User Manual

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1. Overview

Any Helium hotspot owner can use COTX Hotspot Cloud Service to manage various brands of Helium hotspots and any  FlexiMining compatible hardware platform (to be released), e.g., COTX FluxNode-CUMULUS, Raspberry Pi, COTX FlexiMining Node v1.

For COTX Helium Hotspot, you can change working frequency, remote reboot your hotspot, and install various FlexiMining apps on your hotspot to get multiple crypto rewards from the same hotspot, not just the Helium $HNT.

COTX Hotspot Cloud Service demo video.


2. Environments


COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, Production Environment


Test Environment


From time to time when COTX release new features for COTX Hotspot Cloud Servcie, it always released to the Test Environment first. These two environment share the same login credential. If you make a change for your hotspot or FlexiMining apps through the Test Environment, it also takes effect on your hotspot just like you did it through the Production Environment.



3. Sign up and log into Hotspot Cloud Service


Sign up for an account, and you may input your Walletspace name when you sign up. Walletspace works as a container to help you many multiple hotspots.

Choose "Sign Up" to enter the registration page.

Enter a valid email address and click "Get captcha" to get the verification code by email. The verification code is valid for 30 minutes.

Enter the verification code received by email, put down your Walletspace account and Password, agree to the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy of Policy” and click "Create Account" to complete the registration. (Note: your Walletspace name should not exceed 50 characters. For example, it can be named as your wallet address.)

Finish your email address verification, then return to the login page and log in to the cloud service.

For security reasons, a registered user will be asked to use both the verification code and password for login after entering incorrect passwords five times. The verification code is valid for 5 minutes.

 Please be noted: 

- When you enter an incorrect password over ten times, your account will be locked for 15 minutes. You can choose "Forgot Password" to reset password, if you forget your password.

- You can choose to reset your password. Choose "Forgot Password?" on the login page to reset your login password.

- Your verification code is valid for 30 minutes if you try to sign off, forget the password, and sign on.

- Your verification code is valid for 5 mins, if you try to log in.

- New password can not be the same as the previously used password.

- Please try to disable ad-block extension of your web browser if the site can not be loaded correctly.

Change password

After successfully logging into the device management cloud service, click Dashboard--> Account--> Change Password to change the password. It is recommended to change the password regularly. For security reasons, if you haven’t changed your password for 30 days, you will be asked to change your password.

4. Add a Hotspot into COTX Hotspot Cloud Service

Add COTX hotspot

Hotspot Cloud Service can manage the Hotspot of the COTX brand and Other Makers. You can use different walletspaces to organize your hotspots. To add hotspot to cloud service, on the left side of the page, choose “Hotspot”--> “Walletspace” --> “Add New Hotspot” and add either “Single” or “Batch”.

You must provide your COTX hotspot's Gateway ID and SN (serial number) to add our hotspot to the Hotspot Cloud Service.

- If it is the COTX hotspot, you can find the Gateway ID and SN at the bottom of your hotspot.

- You can log in to your COTX Hotspot Web Management in LAN/WIFI environment by inputting [hotspot IP address] in your web browser. In the dashboard, you can find the Gateway ID and SN, e.g.:

Note: you can also find Helium hotspot address in the Address field.

Add other brands' Helium hotspots for typical hotspot management

COTX Hotspot Cloud Service do support any Helium hotspot to be added for remote management. You can view all your hotspots' statuses in one dashboard and check each hotspot's detail information.

1. On the Helium website, find and copy the Hotspot address.

2. Click “Hotspot”--> “Walletspace”--> “Add New Hotspot”--> “Single” and choose OTHER. Input or paste the Hotspot address. When the device is added, it will be listed under Walletspace.

Add other brands' Helium hotspots for FlexiMining

Fleximining is a cloud service from COTX that works with compatible hardware devices, e.g., Helium hotspot, Raspberry Pi SBC, or X86 SBC. FlexiMining runs multiple web 3.0 mining apps on a low-power open device, making it easy for anyone to get considerable passive income from one device. FlexiMining Compatible Hardware and apps - check COTX FlexiMining Support Matrix.

Some other brands' Helium hotspot can be flashed with COTX firmware and then be added into COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, so the hotspot owner can install FlexiMIning apps on these hotspots to get more passive incomes except the Helium $HNT.

You should check this Manual to find out what hotspots can be flashed with COTX firmware to support FlexiMIning:

Please follow this manual, finish the firmware flash process, then add the hotspot to the COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, steps:

- Click “Hotspot”--> “Walletspace”--> “Add New Hotspot”--> “Single” and choose the Hotspot model, e.g. 

In this example, the hotspot model is RAK V2, then:

- Gateway ID, since now this hotspot is running COTX Firmware, you can access this hotspot's web management by inputting [hotspot IP address] in your web browser in LAN/WIFI environment to open the local dashboard. In the dashboard, you can find the Gateway ID. You can also find Helium hotspot address in the Address field.

 - Hotspot Address, just open search your hotspot name to find the address:


Add Hotspots in Batch

 Hotspot Cloud Service allows adding and managing multiple Hotspot devices and supports both the COTX brand and Other Maker. 

Choose “Hotspot” --> “Walletspace” --> “Add New Hotspot” --> “Batch” --> “Download Template”, 

These three files in the “Add Hotspot”:
- CotxTemplate.xlsx, this is used if you plan to add COTX hotspots;

- OtherMakerTemplate.xlsx, this is used if you plan to add other brands' hotspot for using FlexiMining, and these hotspots have been flashed with COTX firmware;

- OtherTemplate.xlsx, this is used if you add hotspot for typical hotspot remote management.

Note: Alias is an optional field; Gateway ID, SN, Hotspot Address are mandatory fields. Please refer to previous sections to see how to get these fields.

Upload the file you filled and click “Confirm”. When the Hotspots are added, you can view them on Walletspace.


5. View Hotspot Status


The Hotspot page displays the operating status of all Hotspots on the Walletspace, including both the COTX brand and Other Maker. Click on the "setup" icon and choose the fields you wish to display/ hide. Display Maker, SN, and Hotspot Address information will be shown by default.

COTX Hotspots include both official Helium public information and exclusive COTX Hotspot information. Other Maker devices demonstrates only Helium operating info, more info is listed as unknown.


Official Helium Public Information

- Hotspot Name/Hotspot Address

- Status of Hotspot

- Transmit Scale: Transmit scale is a multiplier that is applied to the rewards of any Hotspots that witness you. The scale also affects how many rewards you receive as a Challengee.

- Sync Status: Hotspots gossip about their sync status over the p2p network. If the Hotspot blockchain is consistent with Helium Block, the status will be “synced”. Otherwise, it will be “Syncing”.

- Relayed: Hotspot status is relayed. The rewards may be affected.

- Blocks:  Shows the difference between the current blockchain and Helium Block

- Witness:       indicates Beacon/Valid Witness/ Total number of witnesses sent within the last 24 hours.

- Invalid Witness: percent of Invalid Witness within 24 hours.

- 24 Hour Rewards

- API Listen Add: API monitoring address of Helium P2P network. This should be consistent with Listen Add. If not, your rewards may be affected.

- Hotspot Owner: address of the Hotspot owner.

- City: the city where the hotspot is.

- Update Time: the most recent time that the hotspot was updated.


Exclusive COTX Hotspot Information

Miner version: current version of COTX device Operating System Serial Number (SN): this could be viewed on the Web Management page Nat Type: If it’s None, the device is relayed.

Listen Add: Current Hotspot P2P listen to address.

Hotspot detail information:

  • "Hotspot Name": click to open the hotspot detail information page, which includes POC information, rewards, FlexiMining resource information, etc.
  • "Hotspot Address": click to jump to Helium Explorer.

HotspotDetail information.

Click on the Hotspot Name, to open the tab "HotspotDetail"

FlexiMining App running information

You can choose a different FlexiMining app you installed to check its running status and resource consumption information.

You can also check CPU/Mem/Temperature information here:

Helium Activities Witenesses, RF information, Change hotspot working frequency, Check Hotspot working log

Please be noted to use Channel Plan to change your hotspot's working frequency or to use Miner Log to see your hotspot working log; you need to upgrade your hotspot management plan to at least the Basic plan. 

For example, click on the Sent Beacon:

6. Dashboard and your hotspot management plan


Hotspot Cloud Service can view the status of all Walletspace devices. Each user can create 2 Walletspace. If you need to authorize more, please contact COTX employee.

You can check overall status of all your hotspot here.

Hotspot Management Plan, click this button opens the hotspot management plan page, so you can choose to upgrade your management plan to support more hotspots, or more functions.


Purchase Records, click this button opens MyOrder tab to let you check all the orders you placed to COTX Hotspot Cloud Service. 

You can check all orders you placed for paying FlexiMining service fee, and for the hotspot management plan.

7. Reward Benchmark


Reward Benchmark lists the devices with the best reward in Walletspace in the past day, week, and month.

8. Customer Review

Please feel free to leave us a customer review about your experiences with COTX Hotspot Cloud Service.

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