COTX Full Hotspot X3 X5 support standard LoraWAN protocol - 2022 May

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This feature is available NOW! COTX can ship X3 globally now. 

COTX X3, X5 as standard LoraWAN gateway, support TTN and Chirpastack.

Following is an introduction for this new feature.


- COTX has many IoT devices and standard LoraWAN gateway products, software for years, includes: 

        - Lora, LoraWAN, LoraP2P, RS485, ZigBee, NB-IoT;

- Helium LoraWAN network now support Class A, Class C device, does not support Class B device.

Goal -  COTX Full Hotspot X3, X5 support both Helium LoraWAN and Standard LoraWAN at the same time

Before the change

After the change - COTX full hotspot support standard LoraWAN

- Standard LoraWAN related software runs in separated container; totally isolated with Helium miner software.

- There are no changes in any Helium-related software and hardware for the existing X3/X5 hotspot.

- COTX updates hotspot firmware to support two networks at the same time

The Benefits of this feature - COTX Full Hotspot support standard LoraWAN

1. Benefit for Helium:

  • Support more IoT devices. Now Helium hotspot only supports Lora Class A,C Devices; once we support two networks, we could use standard LoraWAN to support Class B devices. So one Helium hotspot supports all Class A,B,C Devices.

  • Helping to extend Helium network coverage: In areas where Helium network coverage is not currently available, for example, if there are users with applications deploying standard LoraWAN in some remote areas, once our COTX dual-network ready hotspot is deployed, Helium's network coverage can be extended to these areas immediately.

  • Low Risk: We do not change anything for the Helium network. Also we follow all security requirements of Standard LoraWAN protocol. And there is no interaction between these two networks inside the hotspot.

2. Benefit for Hotspot owner, IoT solution vendors:

  • Helium COTX hotspot could be used in more IoT solutions, which used to be covered only by standard LoraWAN gateway.

3. Benefit for IoT sensor, devices vendors

  • Class B device could be used in COTX Hotspot now.

Overall Architecture - COTX Devices and IoT Solution Plan for dual-network Hotspot

Contact COTX Networks if you have questions or suggestions


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