Once the device is connected to the internet, it will automatically get the latest version and perform an OTA update. (OTA upgrade requests are made 10 minutes after power up and every 8 hours)

     As at 2022.07.4,the latest COTX X3 software version is currently firmware v1.2.17 + Miner 2022.06.09.0

    We strongly recommend that you check your device version now.

    You can check the version information via the web Management.

If your device is not the latest version.

  1.     We recommend that you check your network, it is highly recommended that you use a wired network(Delete Wi-Fi).

    2.open Web Management - Tools - Network Utilities, ping www.s3.amazonaws.com      Check the network is accessible. Low latency, low packet loss.      Method: Hotspot the same network and ping www.s3.amazonaws.com -t, Check the          network is accessible. Low latency, low packet loss.

2. Try re-burning the SD card, this may be caused by a file loss due to a faulty SD card.

    In a later version, we will add SD card status alerts to the web dashboard. This will alert you to the abnormal status of the SD card, which can cause all sorts of strange system failures.

    SD card failure solutions:

        Please open the link below to download the firmware file  and Operating  documentation. Then burn the SD card.


3、If the device has been online for more than 8 hours after re-burning the SD card and still cannot be upgraded to the latest version. 

    It is recommended to purchase a new SD card to replace it. 

    10MB/sec + 32G or above SD card can meet the system requirements.