COTX X1 Lite CLI User Guide

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COTX X1 Lite User Guide

First. Preparation

1.  Users need first to create a Helium wallet account (either using the COTX APP or the Helium Hotspot APP to create a Helium wallet) and ensure that they have enough HNT to pay for the "Add Hotspot" and "Insert Location" fees, totaling $15. 


2. COTX X1 Lite Gateway * 1


3. PC * 1 :

a. The PC needs to have a Win or Linux installation and needs to be able to run SSH client software, such as Xshell;

b. An Ubuntu virtual machine (eg: V18.04.1) is required to operate the CLI HNT Wallet.

4. Internet ready


Second. Network connection

1. Make sure the PC is properly connected to the internet;

2. Ensure that COTX X1 Lite is connected to the internet;

3. Ensure that the PC and COTX X1 Lite are on the same respective LAN for SSH operation of the gateway, eg:



Third. Operation steps

Step1: User accesses COTX X1 Lite via SSH and creates add hotspot transaction.

1. Accessing COTX X1 Lite via SSH: Please use the SSH client software to access the COTX X1 Lite IP address.

Username: root

Password: the last six digits of the label "MAC", ignoring the colon, and in lower case, as follows:

For Example:


2. Create an "add hotspot" transaction: In the SSH interface of the gateway, enter the following command to create an "add hotspot" transaction (make sure the payer account for the transaction has sufficient HNT (1065000DC)): 


./helium_gateway add --owner WALLET_ADDRESS --payer WALLET_ADDRESS --mode dataonly


3. The command is executed with the object output, where the "txn" field is required as input for the user to operate the CLI Wallet.




1. Both the payer WALLET_ADDRES and payer WALLET_ADDRESS are the user's Helium wallet address, which can be obtained from the "My Wallet" screen of the COTX APP/Helium Hotspot APP by clicking on "Copy Address".






Step2: User operates the CLI Wallet to import the payer WALLET_ADDRESS and confirms the specified add hotspot transaction based on the "txn" returned by Step 1

1. Download the latest version of the CLI Wallet, place it in the virtual machine and unzip the file after successful download.

Download the CLI wallet:



2. Open the virtual machine and go to the CLI Wallet unpacked file directory as follows: 



3. Import the user's payer WALLET_ADDRES, the Helium wallet address that the user previously registered with.

l  Import wallet input command: 

./helium-wallet create basic --seed mobile

l  Then enter the 12 helper words of the user Helium wallet for the wallet import.

l  Check your wallet information via the command to confirm that you have sufficient balance.

./helium-wallet create basic info



4. To confirm the "add hotspot" transaction specified by "txn" using the cli wallet, enter the 12 helper words for the wallet once after the command output (note that the txn generated in the previous step is entered after "add").


./helium-wallet hotspots add txn --commit



6. Some time after the transaction is confirmed (half an hour or so), the list of devices under the user's CLI Wallet is checked and if the addition is successful, the "address" returned by Step 1 will appear in the list to which the wallet is bound and the City will be empty, i.e. the next step is to insert the location.


./helium-wallet hotspots list




Step3: User operated CLI Wallet, insert location for new gateway

1. Once the Hotspot has been added to the wallet, enter the insert location command and enter the wallet password to confirm the insert location (the latitude and longitude of the location to be inserted can be found on the map; DATA_ONLY_HOTSPOT_PUBKEY is the "address" returned by Step1)


./helium-wallet hotspots assert --gateway DATA_ONLY_HOTSPOT_PUBKEY --lat=37.7806295 --lon=-122.4008481 --mode dataonly




2. Enter the command to see if the gateway location has been set successfully, at this point, the COTX X1 Lite Hotspot is added.



./helium-wallet hotspots list




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