COTX Store Checkout Page

In the COTX Store checkout page, choose "CoinPayments Manual Payment for Cryptocurrency"

Click "Complete Order":

1. Now you get your COTX Store order number, e.g. "#COTX-Store-1868";

2. Total amount need to be paid, including shipping cost, e.g. "USD $37.3"

3. Then Open the Payment Instruction Link, which highlight in the example.

Create Payment Link

Open this Invoice Builder by your web browser:

Fill the form like this:

1 - Merchant ID, MUST be: ab1cd0be45bbb149fa1226fa7cbe3eac

2 - Request Description:    COTX Store order number, e.g. #COTX-Store-1868

   - Invoice Number: COTX Store order number, e.g. #COTX-Store-1868

3 - Request Amount: Your order total amount, including the shipping cost

Please be noted:  Coin type MUST be USDT.TRC20.

For example, if you have to pay 10 USD, including the shipping cost, please fill the form like the following example:

37.3  USDT.TRC20

Then, click the "Generate Link" button, now this Invoice Builder creates the Payment Link for you:

Copy this Payment Link, paste it into a web browser URL, open it;

Now this is a standard CoinPayments payment page, please double confirm you get correct COTX Store order number, and correct total amount to be paid, then just follow the requirement finish you payment.