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Overall Process:

Demo Video - to Flash COTX firmware and join FlexiMining


This is a beta test function, COTX firmware in this manual can only:

- runs on a Helium full hotspot

- ONLY supports Raspberry Pi hardware; 

- User tests show that we could run it on SenseCAP-M1, RAK-V2,  MNTD-Blackspot , MNTD-Goldspot ,Syncrobit V2,   Panther-X1  hotspot, and connect to COTX Hotspot Cloud Service to get FlexiMining©  apps running, OTA appropriately.

- We welcome more hotspot owners to join the beta test: flash COTX firmware, connect your hotspot to COTX Hotspot Cloud Service, and enable FlexiMining© apps. 

- You MUST back up the original firmware(SD card) before make any changing. This is to help restore your original hotspot if you make a mistake using COTX firmware. 

Terms of Service:

- Please note that if you choose to join the beta test, you, the hotspot owner takes full responsibility for your hotspot warranty; COTX does not provide any hardware maintenance services to your non-COTX hotspot; COTX does not take any responsibility for your non-COTX hotspot's hardware.

- COTX only provides OTA and FlexiMining© app installation.

    - You will be charged to pay the FlexiMining© service fee. 

- Please backup your original hotspot firmware before you flash COTX firmware, so you can restore it to your hotspot.

List of supported models: (updated regularly)  

BandModelFirmware image version
SenseCAPSenseCAP M1 ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-SenseCAP-M1-1.3.3.img
SyncrobitSyncrobit V2ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-Syncrobit-V2-1.3.3.img
RAKRAK V2ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-RAK-V2-1.3.3.img
MNTDMNTD Blackspotubuntu-raspi-image-X3-MNTD-Blackspot-1.3.3.img
MNTDMNTD GoldSpotubuntu-raspi-image-X3-MNTD-GoldSpot-1.3.3.img
PantherPanther X1ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-Panther-1.3.3.img
Helium HotspotHelium Hotspot OGubuntu-raspi-image-X3-Helium-Hotspot-OG-1.3.3.img

Download address:!Ao2Z68WOeRm-gSBsiqXe0STlTg8U?e=fNZr9Y

    COTX HOTSPOT users do not have use to these image files, you can go directly to the COTX Hotspot Cloud Service (URL is: to open FlexiMining©.
You can download the COTX X3 device specific image file by following the link below.

Tip.  If you have more than one device, please burn the SD card separately. Once the SD card has been inserted into the device and powered up, it will write the device information and cannot be replaced directly for use in other devices. It is also not possible to copy SD cards from other hotspots for use.


1. Please record the ETH MAC of the third-party Helium Hotspot first to find the IP address of the device after brushing

2. Remove the original SD card from the device and store it separately. To restore the original system by replacing it with the original SD card.

3. New Micro SD Card (Not less than:10MB/sec + 32G); highly suggest: a 64GB Endurance A2 micro-SDXC card or larger.

4. Micro SD Card reader

5. Tweezers

6. raspberry pi imager for windows, download from here: 

Step1: Flash the image. (e.g: Panther hotspot as an example)

1.Connect the original micro SD card to your computer with a micro SD card reader.

2.Depending on your device model, select the corresponding firmware package to download. 

3.Unzip the file to get the Image ,eg: ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-Panther-1.3.2.img ”.

4.Download “raspberry pi imager “  tool from here:

5.Erase Micro SD with ”raspberry pi imager”.

           6.Flash the “ubuntu-raspi-image-X3-Panther-1.3.2.img” to the micro SD card with “raspberry pi imager”.

7.Unplugs the micro SD card from your computer, plugs it into hotspot.

8.Powers on the hotspot and connect to the internet (better with ethernet cable). 

9.Wait for 5 mins . The system needs to continue with specific installation steps when you first boot up; this is automatic, but please do not power down within 5 minutes of the first boot.

Step2:Login COTX Hotspot Web Management

1. Connect the hotspot to the same router as your computer. Login to the router management interface and find the corresponding IP address of the hotspot device based on the ETH MAC address recorded earlier. The hotspot name is "cotx-xxxxxx", as follows (eg: cotx-d377f8).

2.Enter the IP address of the hotspot into your computer browser to log into Hotspot Web Management. Account: admin  

     Initial password: Last 6 characters of hotspot name or MAC


Categoryeg: Raw datapassword
hotspot Namecotx-d377f8d377f8
Hotspot MACe4:5f:01:d3:77:f8d377f8


Step3:Modify hotspot operating frequency                                             

    The image file runs EU868 frequencies by default, if your device is not EU868 hardware or your country does not work on EU868, please modify it, otherwise, it will affect the device's work. 

Once you open Hotspot Web Management, Lora Networks > Channel Plan.


The Helium hotspot is usually available in 3 band hardware versions CN470/EU868/US915 with different hardware designs and cannot be switched across bands. Otherwise, the device will not work.

Please check the hardware version of your device before changing the frequency.


Standard Model:Supported Bands
CN470 bandCN470
EU868 bandEU868
US915 bandUS915

The working band shown in the "Region" field only represents the band that the hotspot should use at the registered location, and does not represent the actual working band of the hotspot.

4.After entering the Hotspot Web Management, click on the dashboard interface and record the Gateway ID and Address under the Dashboard.

Step4:  Login in "COTX Hotspot Cloud Service", add device information, and reboot the device. 

1.Login in "COTX Hotspot Cloud Service", URL is:, (Currently in the BATE testing phase, please use )click "Hotspot" --> "Add Hotspot", select "Brand (eg: PANTHER )" as the Maker and "Model(eg: X1 ) " as the Model, enter the Gateway ID, the Enter the Gateway ID, Hotspot address (from Web Management, be careful to enter the correct information otherwise the device will not be online, copy/paste is recommended) and add the device.

2.Once added, the hotspot must be restarted manually.

3.Wait a few minutes after rebooting and check if the device version information is reported. If the version information has been reported, the registration is successful.

Step5: Wait for the device to upgrade automatically. 

Step6:Select the application specified by FlexiMining©  to purchase, and click on the relevant application to install it after payment has been made

1. Select the application specified by FlexiMining©  and add it to the shopping cart; Click "Checkout" to confirm the payment. Once payment is complete, you can click on the relevant app to install it (unpaid apps are greyed out and cannot be installed)

For installation instructions, please refer to the following.

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