COTX: The People's Open Lab - User Manual

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The People's Open Lab is a COTX Cloud service specifically for users to test Helium-compatible Lora sensors. All data flows are based on the Helium Network; all physical test sensors are always online, and all sensor simulators are based on the real sensor's test packet. Any Lora based, Helium compatible sensors can be added into the Open Lab.


1. Open Lab Login

For Beta test, login to COTX IOT Cloud -, then select "COTX-The People's Open Lab" to enter the Open Lab service interface. 

For product environment, login to

2. Start a Quick Test

Step1. Product Configuration, choose which type of device you wish to test.

Then click "Next".

Step2. Device Configuration, choose which specific test device you will be using in this test.

Check the Description of a device:

- you can choose a physical device in our lab to do the test. Or,

- you can choose a sensor simulator to do the test; a sensor simulator can help you to simulate a Lora sensor's packet;

If you choose a sensor simulator, you can input your simulation data in Step3. Data Configuration, in this example, this is a Petfon GPS Tracker - sensor simulator; click on the map directly to simulate the location of your Petfon GPS Tracker. then click "Next"; then in Step4, you can see your simulation data been passed through the Helium network and displayed on your app or web simulator.

If you choose a physical device in Step2 , you go to Step4 Test Result directly.

You can see the actual Data Flow of your test; you can click "Display in Web Simulation" to see all data fields you received from an end-user web page perspective; or you can install COTX OpenLab App, or Trackpac App to see the test results directly from cellphone apps.

In the Web Simulation window, you can check the data packet the test Lora device sent to you:

The latest 3 packets you received will be displayed in this Web Simulation page. Click Update Data button to retrieve the latest packet transferred through the Helium network. For a physical test device, the test device will send you the new data packet every several minutes.

If you choose to use COTX OpenLab App to see the test results, please use your COTX IOT Cloud login credential to login the app.

If you use Trackpac App to see the test results, there is a test account login credential you may find in the Open Lab UI, Step4.

3. Other functions.

In the left Main menu, click TestCase to see the test results records if you've chosen a sensor simulator for a test;

Click Back to Home you will be redirected to the COTX IOT Cloud landing page, then you can open other tools.

We do not store physical device test data, since it is always online;

We store sensor simulation test data for 15 days; 

When you trigger a sensor simulation based test, it creates extra Helium data credit costs for COTX, so there is a limitation for how many simulation test you can run per day.

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