COTX Petfon GPS Tracker FAQ

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Meaning of the Tracker indicators when charging.


1. lights up blue: in charging.

2. lights up green for 5s and then goes off: in a fully charged state.

3. lights up red for a while and then turns blue or green: just turned on.

Bluetooth pairing is possible in all three cases above.

    I ordered Petfon tracker only from 
    I can't add it through Cotx device app, I know that this one works only in Helium Only mode, but everytime when I try to add it, there shows binding device failed? Why? You can't bind it without charging box?

1. The device does not have to have a charging case to be bound, but it does need to be turned on and battery charged ok, placing the device on a charging device will ensure this.

    If the blue light flashes or the green light turns on and off after 5s, when the device is placed on the charging device

- it means that the device is powered on normally.

2. Please try again to bind the device, and after trying, find the feedback in the app and submit your comments and feedback, we will find the problem according to the information in it

    I ordered Petfon tracker for using is by Trackpac App, how can I upgrade the firmware of the tracker?

If you want to upgrade the firmware of the tracker, you can:

- delete the tracker from the trackpac app; (if you can not delete a device from the Trackpac app, then we need to inform Trackpac company)

- add the tracker into COTX Device App (   )

- using COTX Device App upgrade the firmware

- delete the tracker from COTX Device App

- add the tracker back to Trackpac app.

    I'm trying to add my petfon tracker to the trackpac app but it fails, after creating a qr code with dev_dui it still doesn't work     Answer:

Even if you generate your own QR code, you still need to inform trackpac of the triplet information; it is just that trackpac does not have to reply with QR code.

    I have purchased a cotx device for the trackpac app and I want to use this device with the cotx device app instead. What should I do?     Answer:

Please remove the device from the trackpac app and contact us. We will contact trackpac and ask them to remove your device from their helium console and you will be notified. Then you can add the device to cotx device app.

    I am currently using the trackpac app, how do I upgrade my cotx petfon device?     Answer:

    Question A:
    I just received my Petfon (Tracker Only) and tried to add the tracker to the Cotx-App.

    I received the version without a charger box, an USB cable for charging was supplied.

    Whenever I put the device to the charger, a green light appears for approx. 5 seconds, but no blue light appears.

The 5s green light means the device is fully charged, the blue light flashing means the device is charging, the red light turns blue or green light means the device has just been turned on, all three situations are normal

    Question B:
   There is no way to activate the bluetooth mode to add it to the app (bluetooth is still activated at my mobile).     Answer:

Please check your version. you are using an Apple phone, installed version 1.0.2 app, please update to version 1.0.3 before binding the device. 


the normal situation when tracker does not report GPS positions


For reasons of energy saving, tracker does not report GPS information in the following two cases

1. @hen charging.

2. When there is a Bluetooth connection with the phone (the app shows the location of the phone).


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