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Demo Video:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyVikwutEAqhX_FNtTxFpa-4ERhnx5fBP

1. Please visit: https://zelcore.io/ and download Zelcore wallet

2. Enter main portfolio of your wallet:

3. Purchase FLUX Coin

   Now, click “manage asset” & then click on “+ assets” to add FLUX, you may also add FLUX(BSC) if thats how you purchased FLUX and moving to this wallet. However FLUX node can only be started with FLUX native token, not any of the derivitives like FLUX(BSC), FLUX(TRON) etc...

If FLUX(BSC), FLUX(TRON), FLUX(ETH) etc were sent to you then:

  • Verify those funds are present in wallet, not as pending but showing as confirmed.
  • Click APPS icon (three little boxes, one on top of the two small boxes) on left hand side of wallet screen.
  • Select “FUSION”
  • Select your FLUX derivitive coin (FLUX-BSC, FLUX-ETH, FLUX-TRON ......) under “Choose Sell Asset” and then select (FLUX – one without any derivitive names, just FLUX) under “Choose Buy Asset”.
  • There should be a fix asset conversion fee (i believe its 2 FLUX).
  • Click SWAP.
  • Wait 10 minutes and check your portfolio, now you should have FLUX coins in your wallet.


NOTE: To start fluxnode, you need to receive exact amount required for the node. For cumulus node you will need  1000 FLUX. The amount being received can not be 999 FLUX or 1001 FLUX. Has to be exact. If you have already transferred FLUX coins into your Zelcore wallet then you can just send yourself exactly 1000 FLUX to enable a FLUX Node. As soon as your wallet confirms 1000 FLUX received, you will see a second notification saying “New FluxNode Detected”.

3.Obtain and record relevant information

Next. Click “APPS” icon and select “FluxNodes”. This screen will refresh and you will see a node listed under “My Flux Nodes”

Notice the small arrow on the right hand side of your new flux node showing under “My Flux Nodes”. Click the arrow to expand to reveal details.

Click the “Edit’ button to reveal further details.

You may enter a name for your node and input your WAN IP address. 

        Note down:

  • Identity Key
  • Collateral TX ID
  • Output Index         


To get your ZelID. Goto “APPS” and click “Zel ID” and click on the QR code to copy your Zel ID

Note down your Zel ID.


Now go back to your assets (briefcase icon) and click “Manage Assets” again. Next click “Add Assets” and search for “KDA” which is the trade handle for Kadena coin. Click on “KDA” to add as an asset in your wallet. It will not show as it has 0 balance.

KDA is a parallel asset to FLUX. So as your run flux node and earn FLUX, you will also be awarded KDA coins as a parallel earned asset.


Note down the KDA address.

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