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    Similar to any server or even general computing devices, COTX Fluxnode requires stable/redundant power. Think of this node as your very private microserver with all the benefits of a full scale server platform (X86/64) while leaving out excessive server fan noise, big form factor and not to forget the even bigger power bill.

    FLUX node rewards are based on a rank system. You can observe the total number of Flux Cumulus tier nodes on the network by visiting COTX Cloud portal and check your COTX Flxunode status page:




    As you can see, at this point in time (12/28/2022 02:01) there are 10670 CUMULUS nodes running on FLUX network where as our test FLUX node’s rank is 9999. Since each FLUX block is mined every 2 minutes, so that means our test node will be at 1st position in:

9999 X 2 =  19998  Minutes

or 333.3 Hours

or 13.8875 Days


    Each time your FLUX node looses power it will have up to 160 blocks (320 minutes) before the next check is ran by FLUX Network. If your FLUX node is still offline then it will be set as offline in your wallet. At this point your node has forefeit its current rank for block reward. Imagine loosing power and having your FLUX node go offline when you are rank #1. That’s almost two weeks of wait time just to be sent to the back of the line emtpy handed :-(

    COTX Fluxnode consumes a nominal 6w of power. This calculates to around $7.00 USD per year in power at $0.14/kwh (average power cost of a US residential household). Our device produces minimal heat, is passively cooled and is very much energy friendly. A cheap UPS/Battery backup will go a very long way for this unit.



    COTX FLUX “CUMULUS” tier node requires a minumum of 25 mbps download speed and 25 mbps upload speed. The upload/download minimum are required or your FLUX node will fail its benchmarks i.e. get disqualified from FLUX Network. Similar to power, internet has to be reliable and pass the minimum upload/download speed benchmark each time.

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