Fluxnode Network and Port Forward Setup

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Demo Video:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyVikwutEAqhX_FNtTxFpa-4ERhnx5fBP

 Use fix one LAN port:

    The COTX FLuxnode supports 2 GBE LAN ports. We recommend use fix one LAN port, such as the LAN port on the left in the illustration.

FluxNode - Port Forwarding Setup

Set  fixed IP for Fluxnode

Login to the router/firewall and assign a fixed IP to the Fluxnode (e.g. Static DHCP)

Set port mapping/port forward

COTX Fuxnode requires the following ports to be forwarded in your internet gateway/firewall.

-16124~16129    TCP/UDP    FLUX API and Monitoring   Port

    ◦Incoming 16124~16129 TCP/UDP IPV4 from WAN to COTX Fluxnode (LAN IP) 16124~16129 TCP/UDP

-30000 ~ 39999    TCP/UDP    FLUX DAPPS PORT POOL

    ◦Incoming 30000 ~ 39999 TCP/UDP IPV4 from WAN to COTX Fluxnode (LAN IP) 30000 ~ 39999 TCP/UDP

Follow this link to watch this general guide video explaining port forwarding and how to achieve port forwarding on different routers.


Most ISP routers/firewall devices which are all in one router/firewall/wireless access point have a pretty self explanatory web interface or mobile app which will show you where to enter these port numbers, protocol (TCP and UDP) added to enable port forwarding. Additionally you can contact the customer support for your ISP and ask them to do the port forwarding for you.

Once Port forwarding for port 16124~16129 and port range 30000~39999 TCP/UDP has been completed. Please verify this step by completing an online port forwarding test:


Upon visiting the page, it will automatically detect your WAN or Public IP address, simply enter port number 16124~16129. Both of these must show as open. You do not need to test for the port range 30000 ~ 39999 as it will be enabled once FLUX DAPPS start getting deployed on your node. However do make sure that this port range is open for TCP and UDP. Do not proceed with configuring your COTX Fluxnode until this step is completed and verified by port forwarding test.

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