COTX Oort-DEN Deimos Device Customer Manual

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Oort-DEN Introduction

    Oort :

    Oort DEN: 


    Oort Decentralized Edge Network (DEN) is one of the flagship products of the data infrastructure for the next billion Web3 users. Oort DEN is an edge network that makes Web3 applications faster, more secure, and easier to scale. 


  • Oort-DEN devices must use wired networks (Ethernet) and GPS (Connect to GPS Antenna).
  • The DEN device and the cellphone which runs Ale wallet App must be in the same WIFI environment for the Ale wallet to scan and add the DEN device into the Ale wallet.
  • The device must be positioned appropriately to get a GPS signal before generating mining rewards.
  • DEN devices are not available for use in mainland China. Check other countries where the DEN device can not be used.

  • Please write down the 12 secret words seed phrases of your Ale-wallet and keep them safe. NO ONE could help you to recover them if you lost them.

Setup Your Device

Overall Installation process


  • Check your package, includes 1 pc DEN device, 1 pc GSP Antenna.
  • Check that the DEN device is in good condition.
  • This product has 1 year warranty.

Download APP

  •     Download Ale Wallet through the App Store.
  •     Install the Ale wallet app, run it, and create the Ale Wallet.
  •     Write the 12 words seed phrase down and keep them safe. NO ONE could help you recover them if you lost them. 

Install GPS antenna

  •     Install a GPS antenna.
  •     The GPS antenna needs to look directly at the sky to be positioned, and it is recommended that it be attached to the window glass.

  •     Plug in the network cable.
  •     Plug in the power cable.

Check GPS

  •     Log in to your WIFI router and check the IP address of the DEN device.
  •     View GPS information through DASHBOARD. Enter the IP address of the DEN device in the web browser, and open the DEN device's local WEB management. Account: admin, password: 123456
  •     Wait 1-2 minutes to check whether GPS displays coordinates.
  • If unable to locate it, please change the antenna position.

    #More information will be added, including GPS etc.

Note: Once your installation is done, you can also check the GPS information through your Ale wallet. For example,

Register and Add Collateral

  • The  phone and the DEN device remain in the same LAN (under the same router). The phone scans the LAN device through the Ale wallet App, and select the connection.
  • Enter the Ale wallet password and add DEN device

Note: For iOS version of Ale wallet app, when you enter the home page, you can not find the "DEN" icon in the home page, please search "DEN" in the search bar to find the DEN device page inside of the Ale wallet app.

  • Check the terms of Oort DEN Collateral requirement carefully. You have different options here.
    • Option 1: Zero Collateral, 15% of the total reward
    • Option 2: Full Collateral, 100% of the total reward
  • Add Collateral for DEN device
  • [Option 1] If you choose to use CCNA to pay Collateral, you can buy CCNA directly through the Ale Wallet App. You pay USDT to buy CCNA.

When you get the CCNA, then you click the "dApps", then "Oort DEN" in your Ale wallet App, to pay the Collateral:


Then, Choose CCNA or CCN to pay the Collateral:


- [Option 2] If you choose pay CCN for Collateral, you need to goes to Oort discord, to find a miner to exchange CCN with other crypto coin,


    When you register your DEN device onto blockchain, you need to pay 0.000002 CCNA coin as GAS fee,So please make sure you have this Gas Fee (CCNA) when you pay your Collateral. 

   In addition, when you Full Collateral,  you will need 500 CCN for the Full Collateral fee and 0.000002 CCN for the GAS. Recommended purchase of 501 CCNs for each unit.

Note: Please contact if you need support on this Gas fee.

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